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​WOW x WOW is a UK based, progressive online gallery and art resource specializing in exhibiting, promoting and celebrating the very best New Contemporary Art from around the world.WOW x WOW was founded in the summer of 2014 by Scottish artist Tim Maclean, whose intention from the outset, has been to shine a light on artists producing work that boldly blurs the boundaries between the disciplines of fine art, illustration, graphic design, street art, etc. As WOW x WOW’s sole curator, Tim actively seeks to work with and promote those artists who place a strong emphasis on narrative, who invest time and effort into evolving a unique aesthetic, who strive to develop and incorporate an elevated level of technical skill and whose imagery often contains a distinctively surreal slant.

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​At the very heart of the WOW x WOW ethos are three core aims: to provide art lovers with a unique destination where they can discover emerging talent and learn more about ​mid-career artists working within the New Contemporary scene; to foster new artistic talent and support ​mid-career artists by offering the benefits that only an online gallery and art resource can provide; to continue  building a ‘go-to’ location where art collectors of all levels can find new, exciting work to fall in love with and add to their collections.Through original content, including artist interviews and guest blog posts, WOW x WOW prides itself on giving true insight into the talented minds and working lives of artists within the New Contemporary scene. WOW x WOW is committed to letting each artist’s voice be heard, not only through their art, but also through their words and ideas, in the hope of starting fresh and interesting new dialogues.

Tim Maclean, Owner / Gallery DirectorTim is an artist, curator and writer from the Highlands of Scotland.

As an artist he has exhibited his work in galleries such as Spoke Art, Gallery1988 and La Luz De Jesus.

He is curator of all the content on WOW x WOW, including the exhibition ​programme. He recently curated ‘The Infinite Well’ group show, hosted at Nucleus Portland​, in Portland, Oregon. This was the very first WOW x WOW curated exhibit to be held in a physical gallery. Tim also works as a freelance curator for Society6, where his skills are ​put to the test on a daily basis.

As a writer he enjoys introducing the artists interviewed here at WOW x WOW and he occasionally contributes to the blog over at Society6. 

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