7TH – 28TH FEBRUARY 2020

WOW x WOW Gallery proudly presents Aquarium of Night.

“The dream is the aquarium of night.” – Victor Hugo, Travailleurs de la Mer.

Our dreams have been the topic of scientific, philosophical and religious interest throughout recorded history, with many theories being posited regarding their purpose and meaning. Shrouded in mystery and harbouring the ability to conjure the entire gamut of human emotions, it is no surprise that our dreamlives provide such a rich source of creative inspiration. For the artist, memories of dreamworlds and the symbolism held within, are often explored and combined with waking thoughts and emotions. It is through these creative explorations that we can come together and embark on voyages of discovery, delving into the deep ‘Aquarium of Night’.

All sales will be on a first come, first served basis. Purchases can be made through the website, either with a debit/credit card or via PayPal. In the unlikely event that you encounter any issues, please email us at and we will be happy to assist.

Participating artists:

Jenna Andersen | Ana Bagayan | Rim Bitik | Kseniia Boko | Kyle Cobban | Robert Steven Connett | Josh Courlas | Molly Devlin | Brendon Flynn | Taj Francis | Katie Gamb | Davor Gromilović | Redmer Hoekstra | Song Kang | Igor Krstic | Milka Lolo | Danny Malboeuf | Marina Mika | Monika Mitkute | Tim Molloy | Lira Morina | Niky Motekallem | David Natale | Phuong Nguyen | Conor Nolan | Ana Novaes | Dolce Paganne | Dusty Ray | Eva Redamonti | Henry Schreiber | Brian Serway | Andi Soto | Ania Tomicka | Karl Trewhela | Joe Vaux | Joanna Viheria | August Vilella | Kelly Vivanco | Myriam Wares | Quincy Washington | Jamie Wells | Sri Whipple | S.V. Williams