2ND – 23RD JUNE 2023

WOW x WOW Gallery proudly presents Memory Hive.

At first, the concepts of ‘creativity’ and ‘memory’ may appear to be in contrast; one centres around the creation of new and innovative ideas, while the other involves the attempt to recreate events and experiences that have occurred in the past. However, from other points of view the differences may not be as distinct. Research into memory has shown that information is sometimes deleted from our recollection of events and new information is often added that was not present during the original experience. Therefore, it has been argued that the act of remembering involves an imaginative reconstruction of the past. Creative behaviour can often involve elements of memory, as artists draw from their personal experiences. Our exhibition this month is in celebration of the parallels and interconnections between creating and remembering. We welcome you to join us as we enter the ‘Memory Hive’.

All sales will be on a first come, first served basis. Purchases can be made through the website, either with a debit/credit card or via PayPal. In the unlikely event that you encounter any issues, please email us at and we will be happy to assist.

Participating artists:

Sena Adjovi | Ivardi Ahau | Anne Angelshaug | Adam Augustyn | Scott Balmer | Emerald Barkley | Paul Barnes | Sarah Boyce | Alix Branwyn | Nicole Bustamante | Authan Chen | Brian Cheung | Kremena Chipilova | Denise Conroy (Votive) | Fran De Anda | Diego de la Rosa | Liam Dee | Olivia Di Gregorio | Sharon England | Roselin Estephanía | Brendon Flynn | Mariajosé Gallardo | Lindsey Martin Gardner | Briana Hertzog | Hoài-Phương | Sarah Jamison | Paulette Jo | Savanna Judd | Nom Kinnear King | Risa Kishida | Michael Koehler | Konan Lim | Milka Lolo | MadebyEnger | Helen Mask | Gina Matarazzo | Nicolás Menay | Zach Mendoza | Marina Mika | Monika Mitkute | Andreas Nagel | Johannah O’Donnell | Cheryl Owen | Silvia Pavarini | Rachael Pease | Diego Peñuela | Dasha Pliska | Ryan Pola | Vanessa Powers | Profe | Carlo Alberto Rastelli | Nadia Rausa | John Rego | Vasilisa Romanenko | Chay Ruby | Dillon Samuelson | Renan Santos | Kirsten Schaap | Juliet Schreckinger | Andrew Sides | Kristin Siegel-Leicht | Andi Soto | Lindsay Stripling | Deirdre Sullivan-Beeman | Jessica Tenbusch | Neil Thompson | Eva Toorenent (Evaboneva) | Nikolas Tower | Ingrid Tusell | Tof Vanmarque | Joanna Viheria | Beau White | Dory Whynot