‘The Sleeping King’ by Tehani Farr

Artist: Tehani Farr
‘The Sleeping King’
Mixed Media on Paper
17.7″ x 13″
Year of Creation:
2020 aD (ante Domain)

NOTE: This piece was available to purchase as part of our ‘Fiends of the Dark’ show, which ran between 3rd – 24th April 2020. If you would like to inquire about its current availability, please email sales@wowxwow.com and we will be delighted to assist.


‘The Sleeping King’ by Tehani Farr

Artist: Tehani Farr
Title: ‘The Sleeping King’
Medium: Mixed Media on Paper
Dimensions: 17.7″ x 13″
Framing: Unframed
Year of Creation: 2020 aD (ante Domain)

About the Artwork:

“Out of dreams he comes drifting, shifting upon the air of the midnight room, the euphony of the sandman’s tune…”

About the Artist:

(Artist Bio)

The artistic work of Tehani Farr is based on the conceptualization and  diversity of the human figure within the spectrum of fantastic and esoteric reality, emphasizing  towards the beauty, strength and the strangeness within the ancestral and unknown, the forgotten tribes, powerful and inspiring, goddesses and woman warriors, inter-dimensional beings, created into futuristic post-apocalyptic realities within other worlds  and multiverse.

Inspired by authors such as Stephan King, J.P Lovecraft, Frank Herbert, J.R.R Tolkien, etc and having grown up in Mexico she merges both the power and richness of the  traditions brought from her Mexican ancestry with the myths and legends throughout the antiquity & complex heritage of the European Old World. Translating them into powerful new themes of futuristic reversion to the lost eras of ages yet to come.

Tehani Farr is a self-taught British-Mexican Graphic illustrator, concept artist and Cover Art. Since a very young age her very particular upbringing, gave her a unique  view of the world; having a home schooled education within a old traditional self-sustainable.

household, in a isolated country house in the mountains in Mexico, this combined with and her affinity with science fiction books, historical novels and dark fantastic literature, and a fine imagination brought her to create and live within her own stories, inventing unique worlds within their individual cosmogony.

As a former student of graphic design, a professional model since 16, and her entire life of traveling between two continents influenced enormously her perspective of  the world and with this her art themes, basing her creations on the strong aesthetic humanoid anatomy, embodied in a mystical, and ancient multicultural aura, and entwined in futuristic, apocalyptic and inter-dimensional realities.

She starts her career as a professional Illustrator in 2014, leaving her modelling career to expand into a totally new world, the concept world of science fiction and  dark fantasy.

In 2015/16 she is already exhibiting and attending conventions in Asia and Latin America, and in 2017 she starts a Europe tour with her artwork, starting with a Exhibition  in the H. R. Giger museum in Switzerland, while simultaneously attending conventions and festivals in Latin America and Mexico, and ending the art tour in Tokyo Japan. 

She has worked for numerous bands and known brands such as World Of Warcraft, Puma, Sony Entertainment, Playboy Magazine, E Entertainment Television, & bands like Kreator,  Rata Blanca, Tryptikon, Mighty Thor, etc. 

Today she works for Book cover design, graphic novel, editorial, festivals, concept art for movies, branding, artwork for festivals, music industry in merchandising Illustrations,  and traveling with her artworks to exhibitions, festivals, conventions, conferences and workshops around the world.