‘Hopeless. Romantic.’ by McMonster


Artist: McMonster
Year of Creation: 2024
Artwork Will Ship From: USA

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‘Hopeless. Romantic.’ by McMonster

Artist: McMonster
Title: ‘Hopeless. Romantic.’
Medium: Acrylic and water on 300lb ‘Fluid’ watercolour paper
Dimensions: 14″ x 11″
Framing: Unframed
Year of Creation: 2024
Artwork Will Ship From: USA

About the Artwork:

Romanticizing the feeling of being hopeless. Starting over, with nothing and nowhere to go, no obligations to fulfill. Real freedom lies inside hopelessness. How romantic.

About the Artist:

(Artist Bio)

McMonster is a storyteller that gives no narrative; Enchanting viewers to create their own story within each piece. Ambiguously levitating some place in between horror and fantasy- McMonster creates each piece with only black acrylic and water for the tones of grey and deep dark blacks. Bending light and conjuring focus with bright opaque white acrylic ink and pencils. McMonster creates worlds that are both dreary and whimsical.