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Aeforia – Distorted Perspectives – Artist Profile

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Alexy Prefontaine creates digital art, photography and graphic design under the moniker of Aeforia. His passion for visual arts began in mid-2014 when he realised that he could create artworks by using only iPhone apps. After a few months of experimenting, he moved on up to experimenting with Photoshop and photography. Prefontaine’s work is inspired by nature, space and distorted perspectives and by focusing on different perceptions of the world that we live in, he hopes that the viewer can be pulled into the surreal scenes he envisions.

“I’m always learning and sometimes, my best work sees the light of day because of accidents while I’m testing or tweaking parameters in Photoshop and/or Cinema 4D. This leads to results I would never have imagined in the first place. When that happens, I use this as a starting point and work on what I want to say in my image. If it’s not conceptual, I always like to illustrate a specific feeling through the use of 3D generated human models. I believe they can convey effectively what I want to share with the viewer.

I often do three-part series revolving around a particular texture, graphic element, composition or atmosphere because once I find something interesting to work on, I want to explore as much as I can without repeating myself too much. As an example, my ‘Weary’ series is partly a result of a lighting accident in Cinema 4D. It also became a breakthrough into a completely different visual style for me too.” – Alexy Prefontaine (Ello)

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