August Vilella – Dreamlike Auras – Artist Profile

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August Vilella creates oil paintings by means of a surreal intuitive method of painting. Thanks to this method and without using any prior sketches or ideas, he gives shape to his subconscious mind. In some ways, the process is similar … Read More

John Casey – Everyday Folks – Artist Profile

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For the past 20 years or so, John Casey has been exploring open-ended narratives in his work. Using mostly a portrait format, he taps into his subconscious and psychological brain space, to conjure loose metaphors and symbols, and weave them … Read More

Giovanni Forlino – Accessible to the Masses – Artist Profile

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Born in Livingston, New Jersey in 1984, Giovanni Forlino moved to Brooklyn at age 17 and obtained a BFA in drawing from Pratt Institute. As Max Gimblett’s studio manager for the past ten years, Giovanni has immersed himself in traditional … Read More

Futaro Mitsuki – Other Times and Places – Artist Profile

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Futaro Mitsuki was born in Tokyo in 1970 and in 1998 he graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. He currently lives and works near Tokyo in his private studio. Mitsuki blends ink, acrylics and pencil utilizing … Read More

Happy D. – Darkness and Intrigue – Artist Profile

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Happy D. is an oil painter specializing in portraits of ethereal maidens in surreal worlds. Her beautiful yet lonely characters are able to find a sense of belonging in an otherwise strange and eerie universe. This is a universe without … Read More

Aaron Horkey – Micro Level Drama – Artist Profile

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Aaron Horkey was birthed and reared in Windom, Minnesota, in the heart of the Rural Midwest. Key personality traits include debilitating social ineptitude and a perverse attention to detail. Enjoys desolation, megafauna and transplanting sumacs. Currently ensconced in a bucolic … Read More

Allison Reimold – 30% Weird – Artist Profile

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Allison Reimold is a Los Angeles native and a graduate of Otis College of Art and Design. She currently works as an art director at an advertising firm, designing and illustrating posters for film and TV. Her art reflects a … Read More

Bang Sangho – Uncharted Territory – Artist Profile

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Bang Sangho is an artist and illustrator from Korea. He graduated in 2016 and worked briefly as a freelancer for several months, before focusing his attentions on the development of his fabulously surreal worlds. The intentions behind his work are … Read More

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