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Allison Reimold – 30% Weird – Artist Profile

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Allison Reimold is a Los Angeles native and a graduate of Otis College of Art and Design. She currently works as an art director at an advertising firm, designing and illustrating posters for film and TV. Her art reflects a collision of the eerie with the every day, drawing from a number of influences ranging from 19th century figurative painters to curio cabinets and natural history. She lives and works in LA with her French Bulldog, Penny.

“I’ve always loved portraiture and drawing from life, so that’s been a major theme throughout my work. I like to be inspired by things I see around me during travels and my day to day life. Lately I’ve been more interested in stream-of-consciousness drawings and abstract shapes, just letting the pencil move rather than let myself get too fixated on subject matter. Also, working digitally allows me to change my mind constantly and push the boundaries of the piece. Regardless of what I’m drawing, however, I have a strict rule of thumb that I always adhere to: “make it 30% weird.” It’s that little twist of make-believe that strings all my varied subject matter together.” – Allison Reimold (The People’s Print Shop)

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