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‘Invitations to Travel’ Exhibition – WOW x WOW Gallery – Announcement

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WOW x WOW Gallery is super excited to announce our next group exhibition. Invitations to Travel opens on 6th July and will run until 27th July. As those of you who are already familiar with the gallery will know, we pride ourselves on hosting un-themed shows, and this one is no different. With Invitations to Travel, you can expect to be treated to brand new work by close to 50 talented international artists, all of whom share a passion for enchanting storytelling, inventive symbolism and beguiling mystery. It is by way of these collective attributes that the viewer is beckoned into creations capable of providing passage to times, places and dimensions far beyond the painted surface. These creations are ‘Invitations to Travel’.

WOW x WOW Gallery - Invitations to Travel - Aof Smith WIP
A fabulous detail of a work-in-progress for Invitations to Travel by talented Thai artist, Aof Smith.


David Álvarez | Jenna Andersen | Thomas Ascott | Scott Balmer | Paul Barnes | Zofia Bogusz | James Boswell | Marjolein Caljouw | The Chung!! | Gabi de la Merced | Mike Egan | Colin Frangicetto | Thomas A. Gieseke | Brad Gray | Jay Hollopeter | Scott Holloway | Chantal Horeis | Jesse Jacobi | Juliana Kolesova | Chris Leib | Gretchen Lewis | Alice Lin | James Lipnickas | Tiffany Liu | Jen Lobo | Ashly Lovett | moon | Jason A. Mowry | Andreas Nagel | Phuong Nguyen | Niark1 | Christian Orrillo | P54 | Aaron Piland | Bruno Pontiroli | Corinne Reid | Nathan Reidt | Allison Reimold | Aof Smith | Andi Soto | Tom Strom | Joey Stupor | Roland Tamayo | Klaas Van der Linden | Tof Vanmarque | Stephen V. Williams | xsullo | Zeke’s Lunchbox

WOW x WOW Gallery - Invitations to Travel - Chantal Horeis WIP
Chantal Horeis works on her two beautiful drawings for the show.

As always, we’d really appreciate you spreading the word to anyone that you think might be interested in the exhibition. We will also be publishing interviews with several of the participating artists between now and the show’s closing date, so please keep visiting or following us on our social media channels to receive interview alerts, as well as sneak peeks of work from the show in the run up.

If you are interested in receiving the Collector’s Preview, please email us at Thank you.

(Header Image: ‘Collecting Memories’ by Tiffany Liu)

WOW x WOW Gallery - Invitations to Travel - Jason A. Mowry WIP
Jason A. Mowry getting into some stunning details on his contribution to Invitations to Travel.
WOW x WOW Gallery - Invitations to Travel - Andi Soto WIP
More incredible details in this WIP shot of Andi Soto’s creation for the exhibition.
WOW x WOW Gallery - Invitations to Travel - Gretchen Lewis WIP
Gretchen Lewis adding her unique brand of Pop Surrealism to an antique map.
WOW x WOW Gallery - Invitations to Travel - Phuong Nguyen WIP
Phuong Nguyen concentrates on the intricacies of her wonderful contribution.
WOW x WOW Gallery - Invitations to Travel - Alice Lin WIP
Alice Lin works with traditional Chinese pigments on silk to create her marvellous contribution to the show.
WOW x WOW Gallery - Invitations to Travel - moon WIP
A WIP shot from French artist, moon, showing the very early stages of a very epic creation.