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Jason Limon – Paranormal Cryptids and Other Curiosities – Artist Profile

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Jason Limon is a painter who has exhibited his artwork in galleries across the U.S. and in parts of Europe. He has had recent solo exhibitions in New York City, Chicago and Albuquerque. His current art follows stories based on mythological creatures and paranormal cryptids portrayed with a hint of humor with a dose of strangeness. You can often see his characters brought to life in dimensional form through his complex sculptures. Jason lives and works in San Antonio, Texas with his wife and two daughters.

“The main thing that drove me to finding my place in the fine art world was watching and admiring what other artists were doing. I used to spend my days sitting behind a computer working in the graphic design biz and almost every single day I’d scour through illustration annuals and art books we had lying about in shelves and piled on our desks. I was always amazed at the great new things many of these artists were creating. For the longest time it was a place where I always felt I belonged, but was frightened to jump into seeing as I have a family to support and all. Over time these feelings just became stronger and I grew really tired and felt restricted by the computer. I decided to dive in head first in 2007 and began painting full time and all good things just snowballed from there. It’s been a tremendous honor and pleasure to be able to be in the exhibits I’ve been in. I do look forward to seeing what more this avenue has in store for me.” – Jason Limon (Murphy Design)


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