Jennybird Alcantara - The Cherished

Jennybird Alcantara – Charming the Wilds – Artist Profile

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Jennybird Alcantara’s work explores mystery, transformation and the sacred. Existing between a waking and dream state, the archetypal anthropomorphic is nature fable and divinity exemplified. Taking inspiration from the symbol rich mythological and religious works of the Renaissance, as well as classic fairy tales and day dreams, these works attempt to weave together a landscape where newly discovered Saints, heroines and martyrs are explored, cannoized and exalted. Animal bodied girls are the gate keepers, as well as the key. Intuition holds the hand of mystery and endless possibilities are born. Hybrid creatures and organisms inhabit this landscape helping to uncover the natural progression in the growth cycle of the heart, or what it might look like just below the skin or under the petticoats of extraordinary girls.

“I see each painting as a puzzle piece, or just a fraction of a larger picture, I like to think of them as portals into another world. A place to get a glimpse into a fantastical landscape fraught with excitement, danger and mystery. But you can only see a sliver from your vantage point. It’s like when you are a kid and you are walking past that long fence bordering the yard of the mysterious neighbor, and you peep through the knots in the wood of the fence, not knowing what you’ll see on the other side but expecting something fantastic or terrifying.

Another important aspect of my work… every element, object, symbol, and creature is in the work for a reason, or it carries specific symbolism. I don’t include a thing unless it has a reason to be there.” – Jennybird Alcantara (Eclectix)

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