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Marcela Bolivar – Raw Human Nature – Artist Profile

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Marcela Bolivar is a digital artist and designer, who since 2004, has focused on photo montage. All her work is based on real photographs. These go through a heavy process of transformation, assemblage and detail that puts them closer to a pictorial expression.

Her images are a collection of memories and personal symbols trapped in solitary worlds where raw human nature talks through complex disguises. Bolivar is in the process of writing an extensive thesis about her work.

“I see these scenes, these unraveling anonymous stories and the urge to capture them in a moment is then translated in elements that want to escape the composition and their artificial static nature.

Sometimes I wish I could dedicate my time to animation too, or even film, but I am well aware of the impact a static image with an impending motion has. I like to imagine all the minds seeing it are reconstructing the moments before and after it is captured and that a sense of elation takes place.

Still images have of course other meanings, but in my world I see everything in constant movement and transformation. Even when the effects are not that dramatic, all my images depict a transmutation of some kind; either slow and relentless or fleeting and definite.” – Marcela Bolivar (Apex Magazine)

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