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Nomi Chi – Facets of Ourselves – Artist Profile

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Nomi Chi is a tattooer and visual artist currently residing in Vancouver, Canada. She holds a BFA in illustration from Emily Carr University of Art & Design, and is currently a resident tattooer at Gastown Tattoo Parlour. Chi’s figurative imagery brings together her interests in sexuality, ritual, and the search for identity and explores notions of power relations and the ontological distinctions between individuals through her stylized symbolism and animal/human hybirds.

“For a long time, and still even now, I’ve felt overwhelmed and disheartened. Many of us are asking ourselves: Why bother making art? Can my art be helpful to anyone? How do I channel this frustration/despair into something positive? It’s been a struggle to pick up a pencil. However, I’ve also observed a lot of energy and inspiring backlash against the rise of fascistic political forces, and in particular I’ve seen a lot of artists rallying around each other and marginalized communities in an attempt to soften the blow. Witnessing this, and also being a part of this, has been uplifting. It has definitely forced me to consider the political implications of the images I make.” – Nomi Chi (Foundation for Asian American Independent Media)

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