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So Youn Lee – Mochi & Mango – Artist Profile

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So Youn Lee identifies as a fresh contemporary artist best recognized for her vibrant & youthful original paintings reflecting varying themes surrounding innocence. Influenced by iconic 90’s Asian culture such as comics & animation, Lee hopes to express both an echo of her childhood and the yearning for an innocent utopian future. Based in San Francisco, CA, Lee continues to create and stun onlookers via shows across North America, Europe, & Asia.

“Mochi refers to one of my favorite snacks when I was young. It is a rice cake filled with red bean paste. I called my characters in my black and white work ‘Mochi’. They look very much like rice cake, soft and chewy. Mango is a fruit as you know, and I call my characters ‘Mango’ in my colored works. I got inspired by its color, texture and taste. When I first started to draw my new character, it looked so weird to me, but senselessly cute. It reminds me of my very first encounter with the taste and textures of a Mango. The texture was so foreign but so delicious at the same time. Now you know that I relate everything with food.” – So Youn Lee (Golden Boy Press)

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