Tony Philippour - Sir Torgos

Tony Philippou – A Knight in Shining Armour – Artist Profile

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Tony Philippou was born in 1978 in Bronx, NY and currently lives and works in Orlando, Florida. Graffiti filled streets, dynamic super heroes, and the intuitive expressionism of master draftsman and painters fuel Philippou’s inspiration. His career started in freelance illustration which then transitioned into fine arts. Combining urban themes with classical forms of art and design are two of the central components to his visual narrative. His work can be seen on a variety of surfaces including metal, wood, paper, clothing and canvas.

His slick city roots and imaginative upbringing is attributed to the lovely borough of the Bronx. Home of the Yankees, Hip-Hop, Bronx Zoo and the beautiful Botanical Gardens, these timeless and historical institutions have embedded their visual presence in the landscapes and motifs present in his paintings.

Philippou graduated in 2001 from the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn NY with a BFA in Illustration. He currently lives in Orlando, FL.

“It’s all comes down to how much you put into it. There’s fundamental ways to inspire creativity and it requires what most successful skills need and that’s a strong work ethic, being organized, and prepared to work in a comfortable environment with music and good lighting.” – Tony Philippou (Foggy Grizzly)

WOW x WOW is honoured to have a new painting by Tony Philippou in our current online group exhibition, ‘ROOM OF A THOUSAND DOORS’. The painting is entitled, ‘Sir Torgos’ and is available for purchase here. You can also watch the fabulous video below (produced by Tony himself), of his process while he created the piece. Enjoy!


Tony Philippou - Oblivious
Tony Philippou - Gangsta Boogie
‘Gangsta Boogie’
Tony Philippou - Cold Blooded
‘Cold Blooded’
Tony Philippou - Cool Story Bro!
‘Cool Story Bro!’
Tony Philippou - Lie to Me
‘Lie to Me’
Tony Philippou - You Ain't 'Bout That Life
‘You Ain’t ‘Bout That Life’
Tony Philippou - Real Talk
‘Real Talk’
Tony Philippou - Beautiful Noise
‘Beautiful Noise’
Tony Philippou - Quiet Storm
‘Quiet Storm’
Tony Philippou - Passive Aggressive
‘Passive Aggressive’
Tony Philippou & Monty Montgomery - Kaleidoskull Snake
‘Kaleidoskull Snake’ by Tony Philippou & Monty Montgomery
Tony Philippou & Monty Montgomery - Kaleidoskull Tiger
‘Kaleidoskull Tiger’ by Tony Philippou & Monty Montgomery