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‘The Infinite Well’ – WOW x WOW & Nucleus Portland – Now Showing

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WOW x WOW and Nucleus Portland are so very honoured to bring you ‘The Infinite Well’. This group show was curated by WOW x WOW founder, Tim Maclean, after receiving the most generous invitation to join forces with the fabulous Nucleus of Portland, Oregon; sister gallery to the celebrated Gallery Nucleus in LA.

WOW x WOW and Nucleus Portland - The Infinite Well 1
All hung, ready for the opening night.

The Infinite Well opened on 4th May and runs until 30th May. It brings together the work of 27 American artists, all of whom share fantastic technical skill, a love of narrative and the ability to immerse viewers within wonderful visions, be they outlandish and surreal or comfortingly familiar.

WOW x WOW and Nucleus Portland - The Infinite Well 2
The Infinite Well awaits its audience…

This show also marks the first exhibition curated by WOW x WOW to be hosted in a physical gallery space. Anyone living in or visiting Portland, has the pleasure of viewing (and purchasing) the art in person. However, this does not mean that the rest of the world has to miss out, as the show can be experienced via the gallery’s stylish and intuitively designed website, which also allows purchases to be made directly.

WOW x WOW and Nucleus Portland - The Infinite Well Opening Night 1
…and the patrons have arrived…

As if having all this fabulous art on the walls isn’t enough of an incentive to visit Nucleus Portland, they are also hosting special events throughout the month The Infinite Well is on show (actually something that the gallery does every month, during every show they host). Included in these special events are their very popular Drink & Draw gatherings, which encourage everyone involved to get creative with their preferred drawing implements, while enjoying the gallery’s range of fantastic craft beers.

Nucleus Portland - Drink & Draw
One of this month’s Drink & Draw events, in the presence of The Infinite Well.
On Tap at Nucleus Portland
Check out what’s on tap at Nucleus Portland.

A few of the artists local to Portland made it out to the opening of The Infinite Well, including the mega talented, Blaine Fontalna, Dean Stuart and Adrian Landon Brooks, who can each been seen here next to their contributions to the show:

Blaine Fontana - Beside 'Mental Topography'
Blaine Fontana stands beside his wonderful piece, ‘Mental Topography’.
Dean Stuart - Beside 'Bury'
Dean Stuart next to his fantastic contribution, ‘Bury’.
Adrian Landon Brooks - Beside 'Moon Phase 5'
Adrian Landon Brooks with his fabulous, ‘Moon Phase #5’ painting.

Before wrapping up this post, WOW x WOW would like to say a massive thank you to Stella and Charles of Nucleus Portland for the invitation to collaborate on this show and also for being such an absolute pleasure to work with. Tim would also like to thank all the participating artists for their amazing contributions and for helping to make The Infinite Well such a huge success!


Kelsey Beckett | Laura Berger | Adrian Landon Brooks | Edward Cao | Mandy Cao | Phoenix Chan | Sam Wolfe Connelly | Blaine Fontana | Rebecca Green | Jeremy Hush | Charlie Immer | Shoko Ishida | Jesse Jacobi | Kisung Koh | Jolene Lai | Chris Leib | Jason Limon | James Lipnickas | Dan May | Bill Mayer | Corinne Reid | Leonardo Santamaria | Bennett Slater | Matte Stephens | Dean Stuart | Deth P. Sun | Helice Wen | Sandra Yagi

Below are a few picks from the show. Enjoy!

(Post header image: ‘Goldy-Dick’ by Bill Mayer)

‘The Infinite Well’ – 4th – 30th May, 2018 – Nucleus Portland

Charlie Immer - Tuned Up
‘Tuned Up’ by Charlie Immer
Laura Berger - Half In
‘Half In’ by Laura Berger
Shoko Ishida - Memoria
‘Memoria’ by Shoko Ishida
Bennett Slater - Mask on a Mask
‘Mask on a Mask’ by Bennett Slater
Jolene Lai - Prized Comb
‘Prized Comb’ by Jolene Lai
Dean Stuart - Bury
‘Bury’ by Dean Stuart
Kelsey Beckett - Glow Worm
‘Glow Worm’ by Kelsey Beckett
Leonardo Santamaria - I Feel More Than I Ever Say
‘I Feel More Than I Ever Say’ by Leonardo Santamaria
Helice Wen - Pattern Study No.14
‘Pattern Study No.14’ by Helice Wen