Fiends of the Dark III - Flyer (Sonya Palencia)

Fiends of the Dark III – WOW x WOW Gallery – Announcement

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WOW x WOW Gallery proudly presents Fiends of the Dark III, our third annual group exhibition dedicated to the Dark Art movement. Opening on at 7pm BST on 1st April and running until 22nd April, the exhibition features over 60 incredible international artists and consists of more than 70 fabulous artworks.

Whether offering a means of fantastical escapism, providing forms of cathartic expression, or reflecting personal and societal concerns, Dark Artists get right to the heart of issues which tap into those innate feelings and base emotions that connect humanity as a whole. With these assets at its core, Dark Art has the power to resonate, comfort, stimulate and challenge during even the most difficult times. WOW x WOW invites you to join us, as we commune with ‘Fiends of the Dark’.

John Walker - Fiends of the Dark III - WIP
John Walker adding some highlights to his fabulous ‘Bone Collector in Bloom’.

As always, we’d really appreciate you spreading the word to anyone that you think might be interested in the exhibition. We’re super excited about the work we’ve received for Fiends of the Dark III, and we hope that you enjoy the show. If you’re interested in receiving the Collector’s Preview, please email us at info(at)wowxwow(dot)com. Thank you.

Fian Arroyo - Fiends of the Dark III - WIP
Fian Arroyo hard at work on his fantastic contribution to the show, ‘To Heaven from Hell’.

Participating Artists:

Fian Arroyo | Joanna Barnum | S. Deloria Black Wolf | Sarah Boyce | Humberto Barajas Bustamante | Martínez Cánovas | Adrian Cherry | Adrien Conrad | Dark Town Sally | Fendie Daywalker | Francis Dooley | Garis Edelweiss | El Nigro | Anna Ezer | Daniel Fisher | Petra Frankova | Jacqueline Gallagher | Gloombrow | Mallory Hart | Brett Herman | Sandra Hultsved | Máté Jakó | Jeanchoir | Joe Keinberger | David King | Richard A. Kirk | Stephen Koharian | Maldenti | Many III | Bahrull Marta | Bill Mayer | Julia Mazur | Josh McAlear | McMonster | Michele Melcher | Eric Messinger | Michael Robert Miller | Kamila Mlynarczyk | Mary Esther Munoz | Camille Murgue | Andreas Nagel | Xavier Ortiz | Katharina Ortner | Sonya Palencia | Magda Patyk | Chris Ramirez | Nadia Rausa | Dusty Ray | Rotten Fantom | Eric Wolfe Sahlsten | Kirsten Schaap | Shindy Design | Andrew Sloan | Allison Sommers | Amliv Sotomayor | Anna Chiara Stagi | Kelly Sux | Colin Verdi | Joanna Viheria | John Walker | Jamie Wells | Dory Whynot | Erica Williams | Wizard Cleave | David Michael Wright | Zein Z

Flyer image: ‘Lady Dusana of the Monterey Trench’ by Sonya Palencia

Daniel Fisher - Fiends of the Dark III - WIP
Daniel Fisher brings a superbly dark vision to life in his latest painting, ‘Pillar’.
Martinez Canovas - Fiends of the Dark III - WIP
A close up of Martinez Canovas’ stunning progress as he works on ‘Queen Enthroned’.
Joe Keinberger - Fiends of the Dark III - WIP
A detail of Joe Keinberger’s progress on his wickedly macabre mixed media piece, ‘Feast Without End’.
Eric Messinger - Fiends of the Dark III - WIP
A sneak peek of Eric Messinger’s graphite incantation as he conjures up ‘The Dark Fae’.
Camille Murgue - Fiends of the Dark III - WIP
A glimpse at the stunning intricacies of Camille Murgue’s haunting ‘Still Life’.
Petra Frankova - Fiends of the Dark III - WIP
Petra Frankova’s incredible imagination and rendering skills bring to life the ‘Lotus Mantideus’.