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Whispers Lead the Way – WOW x WOW Gallery – Announcement

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WOW x WOW Gallery proudly presents Whispers Lead the Way, which opens on wowxwow.com at 7pm GMT on 6th December and will run until 27th December. The exhibition features 28 incredible international artists and consists of over 30 fabulous artworks.

On occasion, a fully realised concept or vision can present itself in the creative mind. Much more commonly, however, is the tendency for ideas to reveal themselves partially, where the artist must quickly grasp hold of a veiled, tenebrous notion and attempt to build upon its inspiring foundation. The number of possible directions of development is legion, but, if we’re not careful, pursuit of tired routes that end in mundanity and repetition will kill the fledgling before it has begun to sprout. The ability to listen to the imagination’s interaction with inspirations and personal narratives goes a long way to steering the ship into fresh waters. And, if we listen closely enough, ‘Whispers Lead the Way’.

Daniel Bautista - Whispers Lead the Way - WIP
A detail of a fabulous work-in-progress by Daniel Bautista, entitled ‘Pandora’.

As always, we’d really appreciate you spreading the word to anyone that you think might be interested in the exhibition. We’re super excited about the work we’ve received for Whispers Lead the Way, and we hope that you enjoy the show!

If you’re interested in receiving the Collector’s Preview, please email us at info(at)wowxwow(dot)com. Thank you.

Cielle Graham - Whispers Lead the Way - WIP
Cielle Graham builds up the intricacies of her wonderful contribution, ‘The Sound of Silence’.

Participating Artists:

David Álvarez | Adam Augustyn | Paul Barnes | Daniel Bautista | Ally Burke | Ejiwa ‘Edge’ Ebenebe | Alex Eckman-Lawn | Anna Ezer | Septian Fajrianto | Cielle Graham | Julia Griffin | Brett Herman | Amelia Hofsteede | Daniel Isles (Dirty Robot) | Nom Kinnear King | Richard A. Kirk | Josef Florian Krichbaum | Jolene Lai | James Lipnickas | Ashly Lovett | Monika Mitkute | Phuong Nguyen | Dolce Paganne | Raúl Sisneiga | Daria Theodora | Jon Todd | August Vilella | Joe Vollan

Flyer image: ‘Reminiscence’ by Amelia Hofsteede

Jolene Lai - Whispers Lead the Way - WIP
Jolene Lai hard at work on her fantastic contribution featuring ‘Cooper’ the Cockapoo.
Ejiwa ‘Edge’ Ebenebe - Whispers Lead the Way - WIP
A close-up of a tremendous work-in-progress by Ejiwa ‘Edge’ Ebenebe, entitled, ‘Whispered Requiem’.
Monika Mitkute - Whispers Lead the Way - WIP
Monika Mitkute works on a tiny portion of ‘Wild Strawberries’, her gloriously imaginative contribution.
Julia Griffin - Whispers Lead the Way - WIP
A close-up shot of Julia Griffin’s superb coloured pencil work-in-progress, ‘Artemis and Her Hounds’.
Phuong Nguyen - Whispers Lead the Way - WIP
A work-in-progress shot of Phuong Nguyen’s magnificent piece exploring the origins of life.