WOW² (Volume V) - Flyer - Naoto Hattori

‘WOW² (Volume V)’ – WOW x WOW Gallery – Announcement

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WOW x WOW Gallery proudly presents ‘WOW² (Volume V)’, which opens on at 7pm BST on 3rd September and will run until 24th September. WOW² (Volume IV) will be the fifth exhibition hosted by WOW x WOW in celebration of square artworks.

The square format provides a truly unique set of opportunities for the visual artist. With its equal sides and symmetrical properties, it harnesses a distinctive power when it comes to balance and harmony. The traditional compositional ‘rule of thirds’ really goes out the window when working within a square, which creates a very liberating and refreshing sense of freedom. The shape also highlights and strengthens simplified compositions. Negative spaces take on a heightened impact. The square can even be rotated 45 degrees onto its corner, to provide a striking new dynamic and open up a whole host of fresh creative possibilities.

Michael Camarra - WOW² (Volume V) - WIP
A detail of Michael Camarra’s fabulous new post apocalytic portrait, ‘Rising Waters’.

As always, we’d really appreciate you spreading the word to anyone that you think might be interested in the exhibition. We’re super excited about the work we’ve received for WOW² (Volume V), and we hope that you enjoy the show!

If you’re interested in receiving the Collector’s Preview, please email us at info(at)wowxwow(dot)com. Thank you.

Simona Ruscheva - WOW² (Volume V) - WIP
Simona Ruscheva hard at work on the underpainting of her marvellous contribution, ‘Galactic’.

Participating artists:

David Álvarez | Adam Augustyn | Tom BagshawScott Balmer | Kaitlin Beckett | Cristina Bencina | Brian BritiganScott G. Brooks | Arthur Brouthers | Ally Burke | Vincent CacciottiMichael Camarra | Natalia Cardona Puerta | Kyle Cobban | Crap Panther | Ken Cunningham | Fran De Anda | DEMÖ | Karl DeubleAllen Douglas | Jackson Dryden | Tripper Dungan | Ejiwa ‘Edge’ Ebenebe | Michael Fleming | Maya Fuji | Katie Gamb | Brad GrayAndrea Guzzetta | Naoto Hatttori | Shoko Ishida | Maggie Ivy | Paulette JoSavanna Judd | Milka Lolo | Lizz Lopez | Jon MacNair | MadebyEngerAnne Martwijit | Bill Mayer | Gary McMillan | Michael Robert MillerMaldha Mohamed | Moki | ShinYeon Moon | Reiko Murakami | David Natale | Martin Ontiveros | Jimmy P | Hallie Packard | Jason Parker | Nikolina Petolas | John Kelly Pevahouse | Alan Pollack | Olga PonomarenkoRachel Quinlan | Dusty Ray | Luke Rion | Chay Ruby | Simona RuschevaJuan Manuel Sanabria | Juliet Schreckinger | Kristin Siegel-LeichtBrian Serway | Christophe Siel | Allison Sommers | Andi Soto | Heather Sundquist Hall | Eevien Tan | James ThistlethwaiteNikolas Tower | Alexis Trice | Colin Verdi | Jamie Wells | Helice WenEmily Carew Woodard | Ivana Zivic | Manuel Zamudio

Flyer image: ‘Dunamis 017’ by Naoto Hatttori

Kaitlin Beckett - WOW² (Volume V) - WIP
A close-up of Kaitlin Beckett’s progress on one of two fantastic new pieces she created for the show.
Martin Ontiveros - WOW² (Volume V) - WIP
A small section of Martin Ontiveros’ magnificent new creation, ‘My Spirit Endures in the form of the Great Bat’.
Ken Cunningham - WOW² (Volume V) - WIP
Ken Cunningham builds up tone on his stunning figurative painting, ‘Ophelia in the Trees’.
Maya Fuji - WOW² (Volume V) - WIP
A progress shot of Maya Fuji’s fascinating painting inspired by story about marinated ikura (salmon roe).
Natalia Cardona Puerta - WOW² (Volume V) - WIP
Natalia Cardona Puerta in mid creation of this dazzling demon empress babe.
Cristina Bencina - WOW² (Volume V) - WIP
Cristina Bencina’s progress on her majestic griffin using India ink on claybord.
MadebyEnger - WOW² (Volume V) - WIP
MadebyEnger’s progress on one of two incredible paintings he’s created for WOW² (Volume V).