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Casey Weldon – Nostalgic Pop – Artist Profile

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Casey Weldon was born in southern California, where he spent the majority of his life up to his graduation from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. After operating a studio out of Las Vegas, Weldon relocated to New York, then California, and now Portland where he works as a full time artist. His fine art, imbued with a sumptuous illustrative quality, is indicative of his profession. Weldon’s paintings are inspired by the iconography of today and yesterday’s popular culture, and through it aims to awaken feelings of nostalgia within the viewer, though often along with a sense humour, melancholy, and longing for times lost.

“It’s hard for me, as I’m sure it is for most artists, to define my work to others, mainly because I want it to be so many things and am not sure what is translating the clearest. My intent is to be narrative, accessible, and hopefully pleasurable to look at. I definitely like to involve a lot of nostalgic pop references, especially for the more humorous side of my work, but I also like referring to nature and man’s interaction with it. In the end my major goal is to get the viewer to be inquisitive about the painting, either to get the punchline, or make one up on their own. I can only hope that I can be interesting enough for them without being too ambiguous, but still say something without spelling it out.” – Casey Weldon (The Dirt Floor)

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