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Christian Orrillo – Gateway to a Technicolour Universe – Artist Profile

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Christian Orrillo, better known as Krizpi, is a self-taught, contemporary artist. He was born in Cajamarca, Peru, a city that is home to a lot of mysticism and history of this country.

Orrillo’s work expresses many personal concepts related with his own fantasy world, where the present, the past and the future coexist. Based in Santiago, Chile, Christian developed his style taking ingredients from many sources, specially the anime and manga culture. His paintings show beautiful and enigmatic characters, who attempt to teleport the viewer to their own universe through their seducing eyes. The sea and the creatures from the deep ocean are present in his works, where he can find an infinite variety of colors, contrasts, shapes and textures, organic details that he has tried to emulate on his paintings.

The future of humanity, the mystery of life and the interaction of multiverses are constant topics in his digital paintings which are embellished by an iridiscent color palette. Christian is still exploring his own inner world through his art, his fears and obsessions, at the same time as the gate of his technicolor universe is opening.

“I am absolutely in love with my current style, I still can’t find the right words to describe the special relationship I have developed with my art. The only thing I can say is that after an extensive process of changes and a search of my own voice I have made it flourish, from the colors I choose to the shapes and expressions I portrait in my work. I played a long time with my ability to ‘mutate’ my style and adapt it to different requirements and purposes until I got to the point where I felt I had completely lost myself and was playing to be somebody else. After I recognized how important it was to be oneself, I went through a deep introspective process until I was able to find myself. I went back to basics and I found all the elements and references that have influenced my work during these years, to finally consolidate this new concept.” – Christian Orrillo (Your Art Path)

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Christian Orrillo – ‘Stellium’

Christian Orrillo - Stellium

Christian Orrillo - 001

Christian Orrillo - 002

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