Davor Gromilovic - Babaroga and a Pea

Davor Gromilovic – Complex Reflections – Artist Profile

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Davor Gromilovic is a young visual artist currently residing in Sombor, Serbia. Although painting and drawing are the primary fields of his creative explorations, he also shows creative abilities and genuine commitment to other artistic forms, such as murals, illustrations, graphics, art fanzines and t-shirt design. Until now he has had 11 solo shows and over 50 group exhibitions. His works can be found in various art and private collections. He has had his works published in numerous books, magazines and fanzines around the world.

Gromilovic’s work is narrative driven and often inspired by folk-art, fantastic motifs from fairy tales, music, cultural heritage, as well as by his personal experiences and inner world. In his work one notices a dominant use of symbols, his inner world and complex reflections from which he develops his ideas and specific intimate aesthetics. Complex, but at the same time purified, strongly imaginative but well-thought-out works adorn this artist’s rich oeuvre.

“The plot is for me the primary, the more important, so I’m first in the drawing and then in the picture. I am a lover of drawings, I can not say a pencil, because I work with a shower and colorful drawings that are on the border to overtake the picture. Even in my paintings, in its construction, in some parts, drawings are felt. It’s all pervading. But if you look at the sketches, my sketches are largely textual. I rarely sketch visually, but I write my ideas. I have a clear enough picture in my head and I do not have the need to sketch the drawing, possibly something if I want to study something that looks like, then I sketch it through the drawing, but it’s a kind of diary. I carry this notebook with me and write down ideas: I describe the motives and then I draw sketches. These are in fact my image templates.” – Davor Gromilovic (Pasaz)


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