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Heather McLean – Peeling Back the Layers – Artist Profile

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Heather McLean is a translator, converting ideas and experiences into a visual language. She observes and illustrates the human condition, building a bridge between the light and the dark, the disconcerting and the beauty.

Her work addresses the intersection between the phenomenal and the numenal world, specifically using the human form as an outward expression of the internal world, effectively putting the insides on the outside. She examines the man vs. himself conflict, illustrating the many forms of personal civil war, and victory, and the intersection of science and spirituality.

Her main influences include astrophysics, existentialism, quantum mechanics, biology, psychonautics, sci fi, robot dreams, physical and mental yoga, Advaitic Hinduism, and tardigrades. Heather lives and works in Calgary, Canada.

“I’ll just keep following an inner practice and that seems to inform the outer one. I’m just interested in peeling back the layers to see what’s under there. I suppose I might keep letting go more and more of the phenomenal world, while trying to stay tethered to the human form (which is fascinating and beautiful and certainly relatable for others.) Or maybe I’ll go full bore material world and paint cats and people fucking on mountains of money and corvettes. Either sounds fun.” – Heather McLean (winterskinrose)


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