Jessica Roux - The Vegetable Lamb of Tartary

Jessica Roux – Old World Beauty – Artist Profile

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Jessica Roux is a freelance illustrator and a plant and animal enthusiast. She is originally from the woodlands of North Carolina, where she grew up surrounded by an abundance of nature. She recently relocated from Brooklyn, NY to Gainesville, FL. Using subdued colors and rhythmic shapes, she renders flora and fauna with intricate detail reminiscent of old world beauty. Roux’s work has been honored by the Society of Illustrators, American Illustration, and Spectrum Fantastic Art.

“The development of my style was really difficult for me when I first arrived in college because it was my first opportunity to explore so many different mediums. I remember calling my parents crying because I couldn’t figure out my style, and it seemed to be coming really easily to my peers. When I started working in watercolors, I found a color palette that really resonated with me, but I didn’t like the lack of control. I always thought my pencil drawings would look so much better than the final product, so I started layering pencil on top of watercolors. That still didn’t really give me a lot of details or control, so I eventually abandoned watercolors for making a detailed graphite drawing and coloring it digitally. I don’t think I was really working in my current style until late in my senior year, but I produced a lot of work during that time period to make up for it. My work has gotten more detailed and stylized since then, too!” – Jessica Roux (Today is Going to be Awesome)

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