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The artwork of John Walker centers around a core of imagined narratives, as with his recent series of faux antiquities from an invented culture. Born in Aurora IL, he attended the College of DuPage and the American Academy of Art in Chicago before beginning a long career as an airbrush artist and illustrator. Much of his work is executed in a realistic manner that often includes elements of graphic design and stylization. He has has won numerous awards including Best in Show at the Richeson 75 International Portrait and Figure Competition and the National Society of Painters in Casein and Acrylic Award at the 59th Annual NSPC&A Exhibit. His work has appeared in the ‘AcrylicWorks Best of Acrylic Painting’ annuals, Spectrum art annual and Acrylic Artist magazine. He continues to work from his home studio in a suburb of Chicago.

“At heart I’m a storyteller, and the work I create usually has a tale to tell, enigmatic though it may be. I paint narratives, large or small, actual or nearly so, that I perceive taking place all around us. My approach is representational but often springs from an imagined core.” – John Walker

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