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Josie Morway – Domestication vs. Wildness – Artist Profile

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Josie Morway is a painter and designer working in Providence, Rhode Island. She has shown her artwork widely, from the DeCordova Museum in Massachusetts to the streets of Juarez, Mexico and Los Angeles. Morway is a self-taught artist who has been painting most of her life. Her paintings are fragmented narratives, inspired by snippets of those words and phrases that we find ourselves bombarded with on a daily basis – old signage, broken billboards, overheard conversations. Morway is of the opinion that omissions tell half the story. Substituting animals for human characters in her visual narratives, she explores gestures, postures and expressions that are familiar and universal but at the same time ambiguous.

“I’m not entirely sure where I get inspiration or ideas. I sometimes feel like they can only really hit when I have my eyes crossed, or am looking the other way, thinking of something else. But if I had to go looking for an inspiration, a kick in the creative pants or the solution to an artistic dead-end right now I’d probably go to words. The most intense, lasting influences in my life have all come in the form of the just-right phrase, from a novel or from poetry or a quote pulled from an interview.

Aside from that, I take a lot from old murals and sign painting, the kind of design that’s just a part of the human landscape. I really dig the imagery that I find in the city every day, whether it’s the texture of generations of paint peeling from an advertising mural, the green light of the sky here on a winter night, or the wheat-pasted image of a squirrel (those have just started turning up in Providence lately).” – Josie Morway – (My Love for You)

Josie Morway - Decay

Josie Morway - Growth

Josie Morway - Kite

Josie Morway - Skull

Josie Morway - Vestiges 1

Josie Morway - Vestiges 2

Josie Morway - Predator 1

Josie Morway - Predator-2

Josie Morway - Stellis

Josie Morway - Lion

Josie Morway - Mirror Kites

Josie Morway - Rare Earth

Josie Morway - Peacock

Josie Morway - Cranes






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