MEgan - I Hope You Suffer

Mike Egan – Tales of the Dead – Artist Profile

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Mike Egan is an artist based in Pittsburgh who has spent time working as an embalmer in funeral homes. Egan’s paintings are made using acrylic paint, shellac, wood and nails and tell stories about death, devils and saints. He is greatly influenced by horror films (particularly, Day of the Dead and Halloween), churches, The German Expressionists and his time in funeral homes.

I definitely feel like I’ve found my style, and I love painting my subject matter. I don’t know if I’ll be doing the same thing forever, I’m constantly trying to push myself to do different things with my work. The subject matter of life and death I think will always be there, it just may not be as in your face as it is now. Stylistically, I’ve been looking at a lot of patterns and typography which is starting to make its way into my paintings. I think in the future there will be changes, I don’t know what they will be or how drastic they will be, but I’m very excited about it.” – Mike Egan (Village Savant)

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