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An illustrator based out of Toronto, Sean Lewis completed his Bachelor of Design in Illustration at the Ontario College of Art and Design. His undergraduate thesis work on an illustrative exploration of notorious serial criminals and their motives received the Gold Metal award at the graduation exhibition as well as two Gold Medals and a Distinguished Merit award from 3×3 Magazine.

“Every system that supports my way of life comes at the cost of the natural world and the exploitation of other people in such a detached and unknowing way. Going to a restaurant and ordering some delicious food, or buying new clothes is such a seemingly harmless thing to do. I think it’s important for people to question the way they buy and consume, ask where it comes from, what’s in it and who made it. As I’ve become more aware of what my actions do, this really oppressive sense of guilt has settled over me and I find that I contradict my sense of morality at every turn. Painting is just one of the many confusing conundrums in my life that I am trying to work out. So as I said above I am doing my best to learn and lead a life that I can feel good about. If my work can create an awareness and make people talk or think about these issues then maybe it’s worthwhile. But I’d like to figure out less harmful means of creating work I can feel proud of.” – Sean Lewis (Juxtapoz)

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