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‘The Inbetween (Part VI):
Confessions of a Mental Treasure Hunter
Thoughts on Harvesting Optic Revelry’ by Nathan Spoor

It’s OK to be Original

Our travels into and near brushes with the areas of the Inbetween are strange and challenging. We are accepting a path into realms beyond our understanding, as well as the willingness to have a relationship with and acceptance of truth beyond our ability to comprehend. Sound overly complex? Just remember to breathe. Relax your mind and let the valuable information sink in while the shitty bits fall away.

Nathan Spoor - The God Particle

Our challenge is to be dreamers, to see visions and enjoy whatever we can of this bizarre human experience. We are the explorers of the unknown, adventurers into truth. Our future, the very nature of reality, is up to us to define. Whatever the Inbetween is, it’s yours to enjoy and discover the treasures that are inherent to your own unique voice. And the imprint that it leaves on you is but a small insight into the fingerprint that you can leave on the fabric of our reality.

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It’s not up to anyone else’s vision to create your world. This can’t be done without you, without your unique voice and style. That’s one thing that this effort will teach you. And if there’s just one short cut I can ever give anyone, it’s that. Make every effort to remain focused on your own sight line into your portal into the Inbetween. See into your world. Create that. It might be weird or strange or different from other things or unsettling to people. Hey, that’s the price of originality. We need more of that. Look around you; do you see enough of that? I didn’t think so. So get in there and investigate the unknown, mine for the treasures in your vault of the subconscious self. Then spend as long as it takes to capture them faithfully and achieve the greatest level of optic revelry possible. We’re all waiting to see what you do. And hey, if you don’t want to share then that’s fine too. It’s yours and yours alone. But if you want to make a difference and play on the world stage then accept the challenge and make the best work ever—the most amazing work that you possibly can, every time.

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