5TH – 26TH APRIL 2024

WOW x WOW Gallery proudly presents Chaos and Tranquility.

Chaos: [noun] a state of utter confusion or disorder; a total lack of organization or order.

Tranquility: [noun] the quality or state of being tranquil; calmness; peacefulness; quiet; serenity.

The creative process can often feel like an uncontrollable rollercoaster ride of extreme emotions that swing countlessly and wildly in opposite directions throughout. While we may start out with a fairly strong sense of the path a given project should take or what it should look like when complete, the reality of navigating its creation can present unforeseen dilemmas and significant hurdles to overcome. What started out as a seemingly straightfoward and enjoyable process, may take a unexpected turn and begin to feel like an unmanagable disaster of epic proportions. However, if we are able to remain open and receptive during the turbulence, these moments can sometimes reveal ways of moving forward that we may never have otherwise envisioned. They can become a vital part of learning and allow projects to reach their full potential. We must always attempt to find balance within the ‘Chaos and Tranquility’.

All sales will be on a first come, first served basis. Purchases can be made through the website, either with a debit/credit card or via PayPal. In the unlikely event that you encounter any issues, please email us at and we will be happy to assist.

Participating artists:

Orphné Achéron | Anne Angelshaug | Scott Balmer | Martín Riveros Baxter | Morgan Booth | Briochecoco | Christopher Burk | Steph C. | Nico Cathcart | Zoe Chigi | Diego de la Rosa | Nicolaus Ferry | kEda Gomes | Liz Gridley | Philip Harris | Cleonique Hilsaca | Redmer Hoekstra | Richard Ingersoll | Paulette Jo | Savanna Judd | Stéphanie Kilgast | Vanessa Lemen | Ashly Lovett | Kristen Margiotta | Zach Mendoza | Beatriz Mutelet | Andreas Nagel | Martin Ontiveros | P54 | Paperobott | Silvia Pavarini | Rachael Pease | Sarah Pinner | Alessandra Pisano | Dasha Pliska | Tania Pomales | Profe | Marie-Eve Proteau | Angela Ramones | Christina Ridgeway | Meagan ‘Magpie’ Rodgers | Chay Ruby | Renan Santos | Kirsten Schaap | Juliet Schreckinger | Kristin Siegel-Leicht | Andi Soto | Sybiline | Josh Tiessen | Jerome Tiunayan | Mandy Tsung | Ingrid Tusell | Joanna Viheria | Joe Völlan | David Michael Wright | Ten Yetman | Manuel Zamudio