Monochromagic 5 - Flyer (Keyla Valerio)

‘Monochromagic 5’ Exhibition – WOW x WOW – Announcement

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WOW x WOW Gallery proudly presents Monochromagic 5, which opens on at 7pm BST on 1st July and will run until 22nd July. Monochromagic 5 will be the fifth exhibition hosted by WOW x WOW in celebration of monochrome artworks. It will feature over 60 incredible international artists and consist of more than 80 wonderful artworks.

For centuries, artists have created monochrome images and sculptures. By limiting the colour palette to just one, the focus for the artist, and in turn the viewer, becomes more direct and encourages deeper contemplations and closer connections with the colour, form, texture and techniques of an artwork. The artists participating in this exhibition are all brought together through their affinity for monochromatic exploration and simultaneously via a shared passion for the language of surrealism and fantastical narratives. The absolutely intriguing monochrome wonders you will behold, have unfurled from truly masterful imaginations and are loaded with enigmatic and enchanting magic: ‘Monochromagic’.

Colete Martin - Monochromagic 5 - WIP
A close up of ‘Dream Girl’, Colete Martin’s wonderful contribution to the show.

As always, we’d really appreciate you spreading the word to anyone that you think might be interested in the exhibition. We’re super excited about the work we’ve received for Monochromagic 5, and we hope that you enjoy the show!

If you’re interested in receiving the Collector’s Preview, please email us at info(at)wowxwow(dot)com. Thank you.

Eli McMullen - Monochromagic 5 - WIP
Eli McMullen hard at work on one of his two fantastic monochrome creations.

Participating artists:

David Álvarez | Adam Augustyn | Paul Barnes | Kaitlin BeckettSarah Boyce | Edward Cao | John Casey | Alina Chau | Iris CompietSam Wolfe Connelly | Happy D. | Alex Dakos | Fran De AndaYoko d’Holbachie | Jackson Dryden | Petra Frankova | Caroline HarrisonCleonique Hilsaca | Sandra Hultsved | Daniel Isles (DirtyRobot)Máté Jakó | Kerry Jane | Cody Jimenez | Blake Jones | Ana JuanE. E. Kono | Vanessa Lemen | Jennifer Hrabota Lesser | Kahla LewisTiffany Liu | Milka Lolo | Lizz Lopez | Julia Lundman | Jon MacNairAndrew MacRae | Colete Martin | McMonster | Eli McMullenNicolás Menay | Zach Mendoza | Juan Ramon Meza | Maldha MohamedReiko Murakami | Andreas Nagel | Katharina Ortner | Marie-Eve ProteauC. J. Pyle | Jesse Riggle | Chay Ruby | Rustlehare | Victor SafonkinKirsten Schaap | Mark Seabrook | Brian Serway | Kristin Siegel-Leicht | Alina-Ondine Slimovschi | Andi Soto | Jessica So Ren TangShannon Taylor | Thoth | Luis Tinoco | Alexis Trice | Keyla ValerioAlexander Van Brasch | Joanna Viheria | John Walker | Wingchow | Dan Withey

Flyer image: ‘Cupid’ by Keyla Valerio.

Caroline Harrison - Monochromagic 5 - WIP
Caroline Harrison gets into the details of her marvellous ‘rot-coco’ piece, ‘Petty Dreams Like Pitch’.
Katharina Ortner - Monochromagic 5 - WIP
A sneaky peek at Katharina Ortner’s progress on this stunning ink and metallic colour piece.
Mark Seabrook - Monochromagic 5 - WIP
Mark Seabrook nears completion of his fabulous absurdist oil painting, ‘The Bear Hunter (Winnie).
Rustlehare - Monochromagic 5 - WIP
Rustlehare builds up the intricacies of her superbly imaginative illustration, ‘Enjoy your meal, Lucio’.
Iris Compiet - Monochromagic 5 - WIP
Iris Compiet bringing a character to life using her favourite colour in this enchanting new painting, ‘La Fée Verte’.
Cleonique Hilsaca - Monochromagic 5 - WIP
Cleonique Hilsaca enters a soothing world of cozy relaxation amidst honey, cream and ‘Chamomile Tea’.
Mate Jako - Monochromagic 5 - WIP
Mate Jako conjures up another masterful vision of dark surrealism with, ‘Prayer’.