Anthony Hurd - There is a Radiance that Only Shines in Light of What I Never Knew Existed

Anthony Hurd – Everything is Energy – Artist Profile

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Anthony Hurd is an American artist currently living in Austin, Texas. For Anthony, the journey through life and what ends up populating the dreamlike occurrences within the psychedelic landscapes that make up his imagery, are utterly inseparable. Navigating life’s trials and tribulations, while maintaining a deep appreciation for the gifts of happiness and well-being, Anthony feeds the meditative explorations he extracts from the color flow of each new paintings surface. Built on emotional and contemplative states of mind and spirit, Anthony’s painted universe provides us with lands we are all free to roam, in order to allow the wealth of emotional content to connect us with each other, through our own thoughts and memories.

“Between spirit and science I generally explore the idea that everything we see, are, or experience is all energy. Ever changing, malleable, expanding and contracting. Physically, mentally, and emotionally we are always under the constant force of change. Crashing waves came in recent years when my 18 year long relationship began to falter and ultimately fail. When everything I thought I knew as security and love was no longer an option. Suddenly, I was on my own, and it very much felt like the walls were caving in, and the very fabric of my reality was forever changing. So it’s a process of exploring the visual representation of my literal reality being dismantled and destroyed.”Anthony Hurd (Society6)

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