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WOW x WOW Online Gallery to Launch on 2nd June!

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Hey everyone! There are some very exciting things afoot at WxW HQ, that we’ve been itching to tell you all about! In this post we’ll focus on our first big announcement, which is, that we’ll be launching a WOW x WOW online gallery on 2nd June!!! The inaugural group show is of epic proportions and will feature new and unexhibited works from over 90 incredible artists from around the world, the large majority of whom we have either interviewed, published or profiled here on in the past. The exhibition is entitled, ‘LIGHTNING BOLTS & LITTLE SPARKS’, and we feel that the lineup gathers together a powerful roster of both established and emerging talent from within the international New Contemporary Art movement.

With this new gallery platform, we intend to take a step back from any of the restrictions that ‘themed’ group shows can impose on an artist’s natural expression, and instead provide a stage for participating artists to showcase new pieces from their personal and ongoing output of work.

The inaugural show title, ‘LIGHTNING BOLTS & LITTLE SPARKS’, is a metaphorical reference to both the ‘eureka’ moments and the smaller inspirational steps forward that are experienced by every artist; all of which are significant and of relevance to the continual growth and development of the true artistic voice of each creative individual.

We’d really appreciate you spreading the word to anyone that you think might be interested, and please keep visiting regularly between now and June, for any updates and more news about the show as it unfolds. We will also be publishing interviews with several of the participating artists over the next couple of months. We recommend that you keep your eyes peeled to our social media channels too, as we will be posting sneak peeks of work from the show in the run up.

Also, for those of you who are interested in receiving the collector’s preview, please sign up to our mailing list. Thank you.

‘LIGHTNING BOLTS & LITTLE SPARKS’ – participating artists:

Susanne Apgar | Mia Araujo | Jean Pierre Arboleda | Ana Bagayan | Paul Barnes | Tom Bagshaw | Marcela Bolivar | Robert Bowen | Jana Brike | Adrian Landon Brooks | Scott G. Brooks | Mark Bryan | Chris Buzelli | Zoe Byland | Deedee Cheriel | Jeff Christensen | The Chung!! | Sam Wolfe Connelly | Robert Steven Connett | Adrian Cox | Lara Dann | Niels de Jong | Kelly Denato | Bob Dob | Bob Doucette | DXTR | Mike Egan | Michael Forbes | Natalie Foss | Renee French | Sonya Fu | Frank Gonzales | Femke Hiemstra | Anthony Hurd | Charlie Immer | Shoko Ishida | Veronica Jaeger | Andy Kehoe | Richard A. Kirk | Roman Klonek | Caia Koopman | Tara Krebs | Travis Lampe | Edith Lebeau | Declan Lee | Tim Lee | Chris Leib | Jason Limon | Alice Lin | Dan Lydersen | Dave MacDowell | Jon MacNair | Danny Malboeuf | Meredith Marsone | Dan May | Julianna Menna | Moki | Jaime Molina | Heiko Müller | Sean Norvet | Peca | Boris Pelcer | Kevin W Peterson | Bao Pham | Bruno Pontiroli | Matthew Quick | David Rice | Eric Richardson | Bene Rohlmann | Saddo | Henry Schreiber | Hikari Shimoda | JR Slattum | Allison Sommers | Nathan Spoor | Jophen Stein | Deth P. Sun | Erlend Tait | Pamela Tait | Roland Tamayo | Gary Taxali | Jon Todd | Ania Tomicka | Amandine Urruty | Joe Vaux | Edith Waddell | Wiley Wallace | Helice Wen | Dan Withey | Sandra Yagi | Graham Yarrington