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JR Slattum – What Feelings and Thoughts Look Like – Artist Profile

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JR Slattum is a self-taught artist, his work entering the surreal world of innerspace. After a near-death experience in 2007, inspired by a personal enlightenment, Slattum fell into a world of paint. Using the point of the paintbrush as a focus, he views the process of creating as his meditation. His subjects gravitate towards the inner realms of psychology, philosophy, and the nature of being. Through his art, he invites his viewers to travel within. Working from his studio in Portland, Oregon, his work is collected internationally, thanks to a deep following.

“Anonymity is nobody and it’s also everybody. I feel like it provides a pathway for the viewer to empathize with the work… a clear channel, versus saying, “hey, that’s not me.” The faceless also creates that initial surge, “why is this the way it is?” That gets dialogue flowing. These beings are what feelings and thoughts look like. They are forms of consciousness. Pure. We’ve been externalized and materialized as a culture. The face is the mask. The ego is also a mask. These are inner beings.” – J.R. Slattum (Exogenista)


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