Caroline Jamhour - Angel's Eye

Caroline Jamhour – The Shadows Within – Artist Profile

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Caroline Jamhour is a visual artist, born and living in Curitiba, Brazil. With a lifelong interest in nature, myths, myticism and the dreamworld, her artworks depict symbolic themes and fantastical characters that inhabit her inner universe. Self-taught, in art she finds a way to connect with the spiritual world and express hidden emotions. She works with both digital and traditional media.

“Night and darkness have a strong symbolic appeal to me. I feel most magic happens at night—it’s the time when I feel more creative and introspective, when I can dive into myself. Also related to sleep, which brings me very vivid, fantastical dreams that compose my inner world and bring me inspiration. But also, it’s about the shadow parts of ourselves, not as something bad, but vast and mysterious. I like to play with dramatic contrasts, light and dark: usually bright, colorful lighting in a dark environment. I don’t think it’s something I pursue deliberately, but more of a language that just happens when I’m going to express myself through art. I want to evoke an atmosphere of mystical, oneiric feeling.” – Caroline Jamhour (Apex Magazine)

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