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Ferris Plock – That Gut Feeling – Artist Profile

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Ferris Plock is a San Francisco-based artist who lives within the city with his wife, Kelly Tunstall (Plock’s partner in the artistic duo KeFe), and son Brixton. Plock brings a dedicated focus to his work that is paired with a wild sense of originality. Through a variety of mediums including acrylic, watercolor, spray paint, India ink, gold or silver leaf, and collage Plock creates highly detailed works, often character-based paintings on wood panel, that combine contemporary pop culture with the aesthetic of Japanese ukiyo-e woodblocks. Widely-accomplished and with a diverse range of artistic interests, Plock has created illustrations for many high-profile clients, has been involved in solo and group exhibitions both nationally and abroad, and also served as the 2010 SF Recology Artist in Resident.

“Having a true vision and creating art with sincere reasons is essential. If you do not have emotional content in your work, people will generally pick up on that. If you are trying to convey your personal message to people, it helps to be very grounded in yourself. There are always going to be people that try to emulate what they see, experience, hear, and generally process. I personally don’t actively try to be different. I just go with that gut feeling that everybody talks about: the voice somewhere inside me that tells me to try something new or start over or ask for help. You know, that inner space that people used to call god or angels. The inner voice that informs why and how you’re going to approach your work.” – Ferris Plock (Modern Hieroglyphics)


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