Jen Lobo - Swan Nebula

Jen Lobo – Antiquity in a Modern Light – Artist Profile

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Jen Lobo is a delicate painter with a love of nature; having grown up in the Port of Los Angeles, Lobo had a waterside life whale watching, rockpool wandering and visiting the local aquarium. As a mother she has renewed her childlike wonder and curiosity.

Jen ties folklore, legend and her own whimsical narratives into sensitive portraits of animals and sea life. Her dedication to the authentic oil painting medium shines through with her finely detailed presentation.

“The relationship of animals and humans is the recurrent theme of my work. I read about the story of the Devil Whale in a book about early folklore and mythical creatures. According to legend, sailors would anchor on the shore of small island only to have their ship overturned violently when they learn that the island is actually a large whale. In my work, I really like to take the violence out of the situation and show the action of a volatile situation in a very peaceful way. Although the sky is stormy, the ocean is somewhat still and the waves have a sort of ribbon-like aspect to them. I like the idea of retelling these antiquated stories and putting some sort of new spin on them. I also only like the essential elements to be in the composition. I want the paintings to be as simple as possible with only the necessary details. I am inspired a lot by old natural history texts and illustrations. I really love scientific theories that have long ago been discarded and early accounts of exploration. I want my work to have an element of antiquity presented in modern light.” – Jen Lobo

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