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Mark Rogers – Crystal Mountian Invaders – Artist Profile

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Mark Rogers is a self-taught artist currently living in Portland, Oregon. Stylistically his work has been described as a blending of folk art, medieval renaissance, and fairy tale illustration. Taking inspiration from everyday occurrences and personal experiences, Rogers crafts narratives with imaginary characters to populate his spooky and fantastical oil paintings.

“For as long as I can remember I have had a fascination with the paranormal and all things spooky. I love mysteries, and I have always been intrigued by UFOs and Aliens. They enchant and terrify me.

My current body of work illustrates the interaction between various extraterrestrials and American pioneers in the 1800’s. All the content is purely of my own imagination, and has nothing to do with modern UFOlogy or conspiracy theory. While I admit to being interested in these subjects, I have no real opinions, or insight on the matter. I feel that UFO’s and Aliens are the modern folklore of our time, and I pay tribute to them by exploring fictional narratives in my paintings.

In addition to my current series of work, I am writing and illustrating a children’s picture book, also about Aliens.” – Mark Rogers

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