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‘The Inbetween (Part IV):
Confessions of a Mental Treasure Hunter
Thoughts on Harvesting Optic Revelry’ by Nathan Spoor

Exploring the Expiration of Self

I presented a couple of thoughts earlier that open the conversation of addressing “self knowledge” and preparing the mind to un-think to accomplish creative goals. That was the process of peeling the layers of exterior thought or piled-on affectations that one accumulates by having others project their theories or untested thoughts into our minds in order to find one’s true core self. And let’s be honest, that takes time.

Nathan Spoor - Laws Tree (Sketch)

Time, as reality would have it, is what we have a limited amount of in all areas. As my exposure or awareness of the Inbetween has progressed, I’ve grown more conscious of the temporary access that I have to this strange world. And I think that’s a key moment in personal realization or growth – coming to terms with the limitations of a thing, specifically the short amount of access to viewing something special. On the greater scale, we are also able to step back from the minutiae of our creative focus and ponder the serious nature of our finite time here. “Here” meaning in this life or current existence.

Nathan Spoor - Laws 2 (Sketch)

This is not a new thought, not to any of us really. But once I began to scale my time in waking or living terms, I realized that the views into the Inbetween, however short they seemed, were really quite vast and impactful. I began to relax more and simply take in what I could from those spells of wonder. Perhaps it was the knowledge that I might never understand what this was, or that I could not know while tied to this physical plane, but there was a turning point in my studies of this Inbetween after realizing the temporary nature of each place. Somehow, I began to value the glimpses into that place as more than just a fleeting moment. Now they seemed to be trying to educate me or tell me something. And that something was as simple as realizing that I did not know… well, really, much of anything!

NSpoor - Laws of Attraction (Progress Shot)

My takeaway from that growth reckoning was to try to reconcile my own insecurity with human limitations and accept a comfort in the moment. I had to learn to ponder the unknown without trying to solve its complex riddles, and simply bask in the strange glow of the Inbetween’s momentary yet boundless wonders. To put that in other words – my attempts at existing within myself to find more of the Inbetween’s visions were mostly frustration-based. Once I learned to relax, to wait and enjoy its appearance, it seemed that the glimpse became more visceral while staying as strange and fleeting as ever.

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