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6TH – 27TH OCTOBER 2017

WOW x WOW is incredibly proud to present WOW², the third group exhibition from our online gallery. For WOW², we have invited artists to contribute pieces from their personal and ongoing output of work, that have created in a square format.

The square provides a truly unique set of opportunities for the visual artist. With its equal sides and symmetrical ​properties, it harnesses a distinctive power when it comes to balance and harmony. The traditional compositional ‘rule of thirds’ really goes out the window when working within a square, which creates a very liberating and refreshing sense of freedom. The shape also highlights and strengthens simplified compositions. Negative spaces take on a heightened impact. The square can even be rotated 45 degrees onto its corner, to provide a striking new dynamic and open up a whole host of fresh creative possibilities.

Curated by WOW x WOW’s founder, the Scottish artist, curator and writer, Tim Maclean, WOW² features the work of over 30 artists, more than 40 works, and gathers together a powerful roster of both established and emerging talent from within the international New Contemporary Art movement.

All sales will be on a first come, first served basis. Purchases can be made through the website, either with a debit/credit card or via PayPal. In the unlikely event that you encounter any issues, please email us at sales@wowxwow.com and we will be happy to assist.

Participating artists:

Jenna Andersen | Scott Balmer | Katrin Berge | James Boswell | Lioba Brückner | Phoenix Chan | Camille Chew | Sally Deng | Nathan Durfee | Famous When Dead | Brendon Flynn | Colin Frangicetto | Julia Griffin | Lydia Guadagnoli | Caroline Jamhour | Roman Klonek | Alan Linnstaedt | Jon MacNair | Ashly Lovett | Lauren Matsumoto | Gabi de la Merced | Kit Mizeres | Maria Nguyen | Christian Orrillo | P54 | Neil M. Perry | Alexis Price | Richard Salcido | Leonardo Santamaria | David Seidman | Vivian Shih | Pruch Sintunava | Dean Stuart | Pamela Tait | Eevien Tan | Daria Theodora | Nicole Xu