Chris B. Murray – Conquering Two Worlds – Artist Interview

Chris B. Murray is a quickly rising star within the realms of New Contemporary Art and commercial illustration. Constantly challenging himself, Murray explores both fine art and illustration disciplines and moves forwards in each through his discoveries in the other. … Read More

Yoskay Yamamoto – The Adventures of Yoskay in Portland – Artist Interview

The Adventures of Yoskay in Portland – An interview with artist Yoskay Yamamoto by Matt Wagner (owner of Hellion Gallery) Yoskay Yamamoto’s solo show, “Rainy Day with a Chance of Sun” opened at Hellion Gallery last Thursday and runs until … Read More

Paul Barnes – Myth and Magic – Artist Interview

Paul Barnes delves into the ancient traditions of his Scottish homeland and incorporates it’s folklore and legend with his own experiences and an affinity with nature, to produce dreamlike paintings set in a timeless world. Paul’s beautifully stylized anthropomorphic characters … Read More

Tom Bagshaw – Beauty’s Inner Strength – Artist Interview

Tom Bagshaw is a fine artist who hails from Bath in England. He creates images of haunting beauty filled with darkly mysterious female characters who cast a bewitching spell over their viewers. Bagshaw’s skillfully composed and painstakingly rendered paintings are … Read More

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